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The decision to euthanize a pet is a difficult and heart wrenching one, but often there comes a time in our pet’s life when it becomes apparent that continuing to sustain life involves more suffering than benefit.  At those times euthanasia becomes a humane option for our pets.  Though this decision is never easy, it is part of our responsibility to our pets to not let them suffer unnecessarily.  Due to the difficulty of transporting sick or injured pets as well as the stress level some pets feel when taken out of their home, the option of having a veterinarian come to the home to put a pet to sleep is often highly desirable.  At Twilight Services, a division of Well Pets, we wish to make that option available to as many pet owners in the Indianapolis area as possible.

When facing this difficult choice, there are two primary decisions that pet owners must make:


When and Where to Have Their Pet Euthanized

The options for the first question are typically at your pet’s veterinarian’s office or at home.  Many people find that their pets become more stressed when they are at a veterinary hospital and may even find it emotionally difficult to return to that hospital when their last memory is the loss of a precious pet.  For this reason many pet owners (and also many veterinary hospitals) see the value in home euthanasia.  At Twilight Services, our veterinarians will work to help you decide the when and where of euthanizing your pet.  Though our staff can offer council, we cannot and should not make that decision for you, only help guide you in the process.

How to Take Care of Their Pet’s Remains

As for the second question of how to take care of your pet’s remains, there are several options.  Some clients prefer to bury their own pets, which is fine.  However, sometimes weather conditions, the size of the pet, and local ordinances can make that choice impractical or illegal.  There are also some human funeral homes or pet cemeteries that can aid owners who wish to bury their pets in a more formal way.  The most common method to care for a pet’s remains is cremation.  In general, there are two options for cremation:

  1. Group/Communal cremation where multiple pets are cremated together and their ashes are scattered or buried in an appropriate and respectful manner.
  2. Individual Cremation where the pet is cremated individually and the ashes are returned to the owner.


Housecall Euthanasia Standard Fees

Housecall Fee $100

Euthanasia $50

Sedation* $35

Total $185

*Sedation is utilized to facilitate the comfort and relaxation of our patients and avoid any struggling or distress when the euthanasia solution is administered.  Only if the patient is already in an extremely weakened or semiconscious state will sedation not be administered.  There may be an additional charge of $10-$15 for dogs weighing over 100 pounds.

Additional Fees

Transport of Remains Fees:

Well Pets Transport

0-25# $30

26-50# $40

51-100# $50

100# or more $75

Mileage Fees: Twilight Services employs several veterinarians throughout the Indianapolis area. Ifround trip travel is less than 50 miles there is no mileage fee.  If round trip travel exceeds 50 miles the fee schedule is as follows:

Round Trip Travel Mileage Fees

0-20 miles                           No Additional Fee

21-40 miles                         $25

40-70 miles                       $50

70+ miles                            Fee to be determined by veterinarian on a case by case basis

Weekend/After Hours

Saturday and Sunday Housecalls (8am to 8 pm)  $50

Extended/Emergency Hours*

8pm to Midnight     $50

Midnight to 8am     $100

The timing of the housecall will be determined by the veterinarian and the pet owner.  Standard hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday.

Example: If a veterinarian makes a housecall at 2 am on a Sunday morning the fee will be an additional $150. $50 for the weekend fee and $100 for the extended hours)

*Please understand that we do not  have veterinarians on call 24 hours a day, but many of our vets may give their phone number  to clients they have spoken to in case of an emergency.  There may be times or conditions where we are unable to provide service but we will always do the best we can.

Pet Angel Cremation Services

Twilight Services and Pet Angel work in a coordinated fashion to provide a customized, compassionate service to take care of your pet after is has been put to sleep.  If the housecall occurs during normal business hours (8am to 8pm) a representative from Pet Angel can meet us at your home and pick up your pet immediately after it is euthanized.