In the past 6 months, central Indianapolis veterinarians have been seeing an increased amount animals with Leptospirosis and Lyme diseases. These diseases were previously considered less common in Indiana, but we are suddenly seeing a larger number of animals coming in with these diseases. Lyme disease is spread by tick bites. Leptospirosis is spread through the urine of wild animals such as raccoons and opossums. Rabies was previously a disease unseen in Indiana for years, but multiple bats in Indiana counties around the area have tested positive as recently as March 2012.  It is very important to vaccinate your dogs against these contageous and potentially fatal diseases. Lyme and Leptospirosis can be contracted by humans and can cause severe disease and can potentially lead to death. Rabies is fatal if contracted by humans and there is no cure. Please contact our office or visit one of our clinics to find out more on these diseases and to get your pet(s) protected against them.