Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Well Pets’ prices for vaccines and wellness care lower than traditional veterinary hospitals? Are veterinary hospitals overcharging their customers?

Veterinary Hospitals typically provide a much broader array of veterinary services such as surgery, radiology (X-Rays), on site diagnostic testing, critical and intensive medical care, and dentistry to name a few. Providing these services entails costs from equipment, personnel, and overhead which are then reflected in the costs for routine services.

Despite this fact, veterinary care at traditional hospitals remains one of the best values in the world of medicine, so no, veterinary hospitals are not overcharging. However, when businesses specialize and focus on a single area, there is often an ability to decrease expenses and reduce costs. Well Pets focuses primarily on wellness care and treatment of minor health problems and therefore can offer those services at a lower cost to our clients.

If I can get my pet’s vaccines at Well Pets, do I still need to develop a relationship with a local veterinary hospital?

There is a lot more to keeping our pets healthy than vaccines and routine testing. Often our pets can develop more significant health problems that will require more extensive care than can be provided at a wellness clinic. Certain aspects of routine care such as regular dental cleanings must be done at a hospital facility. Lastly, veterinary hospitals are better suited to deal with complex issues such as behavioral problems, surgical care, or health emergencies such as trauma or poisonings. All of our veterinarians will gladly provide qualified referrals to local veterinary hospitals when such care is needed.

Why did you start Well Pets?

It is a well-reported fact in veterinary medicine that almost half the pet owning population does not seek regular veterinary care for their pets. The primary reasons for this are issues of convenience, finances, and ignorance of the value of good preventative care. Also, people with multiple pets often find that it is difficult to afford basic care at local hospitals. Rather than ignore them, our goal at Well Pets Economy Clinics is to reach out to all of these owners, providing good basic preventative care at convenient times and locations, and at a lower cost. While doing this, we also educate our clients about why providing their pets with preventative care will enrich their pet owning experience and is often more cost effective than avoiding it and “hoping for the best.” Our hope is that money saved on basic care at Well Pets can be put toward more involved care when needed at local veterinary hospitals.

Does Well Pets carry medications like Heartworm Preventative and Flea Preventative products?

Yes, Well Pets provides a full line of heartworm preventatives, flea products, and other medications to treat minor health problems. Our pricing has been adjusted to be competitive with internet pharmacies and when appropriate, we can also ship medications to our clients.   For added convenience, Well Pets offers an online pharmacy and pet products store. Our web store provides many of the products and medications we cannot routinely carry at our clinics such as numerous nutritional supplements, prescription medications, behavioral medications, training aids and more.