Surgery Pricing

Well Pets holds one surgery day a month at Cicero Veterinary Hospital in Cicero. There are limited spots available so please call our office to make a surgery appointment. We require a $25 deposit when you call to schedule the appointment that is applied to the cost of the surgery. The deposit is non-refundable. We offer pain meds and pre-surgical blood work (pre-surgical blood work should be done at one of our clinics 1-2 weeks before the date of the surgery).

All surgeries include the cost of anesthetic, surgery, hospitalization, and perioperative (during surgery and immediately after). Post-operative pain medication, preoperative blood work, and any additional medical treatments necessary will be an additional cost. Pets with fleas will be treated at the owner’s expense ($28) before being released. All animals must be free of clinical disease (no vomiting, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, or being significantly underweight) to be eligible for surgery.

Drop off times are between 8 and 8:30 am and pick up is between 3 and 4 pm. Cats that are being declawed must stay in the hospital overnight but can be picked up around noon the following day.

If multiple procedures are being done at the same time, a $25 discount will be applied.

Cicero Veterinary Clinic
210 S. Peru St
Cicero, IN 46034

Cat Pricing

Cat Neuter: $85

Cat Spay: $120
There will be an additional fee of $10 for cats in heat and $25 if in early stage pregnancy. If the cat is 5 weeks or more pregnant, we will postpone surgery until kittens are delivered and weaned.


Declaw Pricing: (please note this does not include the price of pain meds or local blocks which can range from $40-$80)

Up to 6 months of age – Declaw (two paws): $300

6 Months and Older – Declaw (two paws): $350

Up to 6 months of age – Declaw (four paws): $400 – We discourage this because recovery is much more painful

6 Months and older – Declaw (four paws): $450 – We discourage this because recovery is much more painful



Felv/FIV test prior to surgery: $38

Please note: All cats having surgery must be FeLV/FIV negative (proof of negative test and up to date vaccine for FeLV) or be tested prior to surgery. If the owners wish to decline testing, they must sign a waiver stating they understand that lack of diagnosis of these diseases prior to surgery can lead to serious post-operative complications and a much higher risk of death during or after surgery, and releasing Well Pets of financial and legal responsibility should these events occur.

Dog Pricing

Dog Neuter:

0-20 pounds – $90

21-50 pounds – $100

51-100 pounds – $120

> 100 pounds – $150

Dog Spay:

0-20 pounds – $125

21-50 pounds – $145

50-100 pounds – $165

> 100 pounds – $195

Retained Testicle: Additional $50-$125 depending on location of testicle and size of pet

Addition fees of $10-$40 may apply if pet is obese, in heat, or in early stages of pregnancy. Some larger dogs that are in heat or pregnant may need to have spay surgeries postponed until condition is resolved.

Additional Procedures/costs: (Prices are if surgery is done with another procedure. Add $75 for anesthetic/hospitalization if done by themselves)

Dewclaw removal:
$20 – $40 per claw depending if claw has bony attachment or is attached only by skin.

Removal of baby teeth:
$10 – $40 depending on number of teeth and degree of difficulty.

Umbilical hernia repair:
$50 – $125 depending on size of hernia.

Post-operative pain medications:
$25 -$40 depending on the size of the pet and medication used.

All other procedures (mass removals, dentals, etc.) will need to be discussed with Dr. Scott Emch on a case by case basis.

All other procedures (mass removals, dentals, etc.) will need to be discussed with Dr. Scott Emch on a case by case basis.


All dentals quotes require an exam with one of our doctors within 2-3 months of scheduling the dental. Dentals are very hard to get a good quote as we cannot fully tell the extent of what is needed until the tartar is removed from the teeth and we can access the gums and teeth to assess the actual damage. Below are the general rates per level of dental disease.

Situations that may increase the price are extractions, difficulty of the extractions, gingival issues, and length of time for the surgery.

Teeth are graded on a scale of 1-5. Smaller dogs are much more likely to require extractions. All pricing below are general estimates and and may not be exact. 

Grade 1 : $250-$350

Grade 2 with less than 5 extractions : $300-$600

Grade 3 with 5-10 extractions : $400-$900

Grade 4 and 5 with extractions : $800-$1200